Semper Mania

Semper Mania

When we’ve been chipped
I’ll ring you allthewhere,
select attention painless
and you will aptly ever give.

Touching watermelons 
on the wrist, the shapely
buttons tuck a voice you
adjoined behind my ear.

Chopin accompanies Tupac
on suburban blocks where 
starry dropouts eye a cavalcade
an age away and freak.

The bros of yestertech  
hang heads and gong 
themselves the indigestion
dirge, an amplified apology.

When we’ve been chipped
our mouths won’t burn on food,
and hairdos all reflect our perfect
chapels in the bedhead morning.

Quit-kicking gifts ourselves 
a high that quickly wears them down,
we’ll novocaine us what we are
by tickling one another.