Oh, Brother

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Oh, Brother

If it’s not too late to say...if it’s still relevant,
          my gaze was bluish, faxed for light
               conducting pushplay. This object man into the onyx LCD.
            His arrow dogged on nasty things stapled
              to the brick wall curtain. Laughs ensue. They kill.
           I’m an EMT on shift, to scour screens for vital things,
                 pixelated triage EKG reiterating hands and mouth,
                         almost likeness like its mine,
                 the plastic hewn voices speakering
                              my thinkings’ sonogram.

           A lookie-loo is seeking his illusion.
             Sartorial touch imaging upon a willing subject.
         And I am willing digitally. Sim one’s absolute trust.

            Fed stockholm coding to coauthor
                 loosely Man, who clings the corners
                       only he knows and lives life
                       only he lives and touches only
                       himself at night and wakes
                       to a violence that he spilled
                             onto the sleeve of others.

           A wise guy once said himself to be
               inside a shy allusion.
        We’re even-steven in the one-way glass.

What? Could they look at me to seek themselves,
   they wouldn’t rattle talkshow mouths
       to make me proud and roost where
            I won’t ever lie. I swear.
   Especially, when they don’t deny,
      I can’t rebuff my hand in making.