Channel Change

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Channel Change

One is asked again to the head of the line,
     to address, on behalf of the crowd that's formed,
an intuition. In the afterglow, the speech
     left smudged across them the best mustered hue.

In curlicue fashion, one imprisons icons in a 
     notebook’s page, enough for twenty-eight golden, 
country calves. Proud to defend the fear parents 
     hold heartside for their children's unknown bullies.

Turnips are denominated upon revolution, 
     because they suddenly feed the hungry and not 
the inert conquerors. Maybe fire is lifted 
     to the mouths, from perishing empty-eating.

Some of what is not on youtube is not for very 
     good reasons, but some of what is not is not because 
of the tutelage of TV. Amidst generational guard-
     changing, the worry amounts to contingent censors.

Remember it is more likely one resembles 
     the commoner sacrificial lamb, who is not a savior - 
that implausibility. The waist belt tightens with 
     betrayal and not from fasting away stolid hours.

Remember it is more likely one must forgive
     oneself and get past t-shirt making and tagging 
cowardice before herds. After satiation comes 
     sanitation, that initial vice, corrupting one’s comfort.