for Aza Raskin

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for Aza Raskin*

Asking of the partnered morning bell, and the howling outside pet, 
the date - rushed the cottage cheese stunted jar and some green 
liquid in the attempted luncheonette - clefting Mitch McConnell’s 
chin, doing all the work for him on the news app, severing 
a paperboy from a foot - after half a block of marriage, 
rummaging the high school drawer for fantasies of 
someone unseen in years - is the cashew a nipple
of a bigger nut like Alexa said, a city squirrel 
jumps a man for cooing doggish at it - 
celebrities juiced up on social causes 
take photos of their bone structure 
worshipping - pallid grocery carts
stolen and left to block traffic - 
torturous pizza air blasted
hot from a vent, and the
cowardly leaf blowers - 
searching strangers 
for mentorship, a
sudden emotional 
flouting - noticing 
how much nature
there really is in 


*alleged inventor of the infinite scroll